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My name’s Ellie and I’ve been a bookworm since I could first open a book. I will read anything, literature or technical, quality or trash. My favourite authors include H P Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, J R R Tolkien, Neal Stephenson and Michael Moorcock but life has cast many strange volumes my way and I think it’s churlish to discriminate. My partner and I have several thousand volumes packed into our small North London pied á terre and our friends consider us a little unusual, but then again that’s how we feel about people who only won one or two books - or even worse, none at all!

Currently I’m reading “Backroom Boys” by Francis Spufford which is an exploration of the archetypal British Boffin in the post-war years right up to today. I’m a little geeky, a little bit boffin, and knowing that the only satellite launched from a British rocket is the aptly-named “Prospero” makes the world a warmer place to me.

For those with a geeky taste in humour I can also recommend “The Best of Verity Stob”. a collection of some of the most amusing parodies ever published in the pages of any computing magazine. Ms. Stob is a professional programmer living in London, and reading her column in Dr. Dobb’s Journal is one of the few things that kept me sane in my last programming job.

When I say I love technical books, I don’t just mean volumes on computing or engineering. Our library has everything from cutting-edge physics to obscure astrological treatises, herbalism to cognitive science, chemistry to historical analysis. There’s something about encyclopaedias and books full of strange (forbidden?) knowledge that is irresistible, the weight of the words, the smell and feel of the paper, the gentle rustle as the pages turn...

I love books >8D
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