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add me, bookworms!

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This is yet another add-me community, but this one is especially for bookworms. moogle__ is your nice and friendly moderator! :]

- Pictures go behind a cut, should you feel the need to share them.
- Don't insult people. If you don't like somebody, ignore their post. If somebody else insults you, tell me about it.
- Be a bookworm! :P don't just join because you read occasionally, join because reading is your favourite thing to do!
- No promotion unless your community is directly related to books and reading. If it's only semi-related, ask me first.

Ideas About What To Post
Who's your favourite author(s)? What are your favourite books? What do you love to reread? What do you look for when you go to the library? Where do you like to read? When do you like to read? What was your very first favourite book? Do you ever read non-fiction books? Do you like second-hand books or new ones? Library books or books you own? If you were to recommend a book to everyone else, what would it be?

Of course, you can mention other things besides books (like how old you are and where you're from and what you do when you're not reading!), and all the questions above are entirely optional :]

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